Looking to Develop Your Career?


Career Development

These days, even the most successful people are thinking about career development.  With an excellent track-record in this area, The Vision Maven  is delighted to offer career development and professional coaching.

All Your Eggs In One Basket? 

All Your Eggs In One Basket? 

Ask Yourself

  • Are you happy with your current professional role?
  • Dare you risk having just one professional interest and a single source of income?
  • How might you be impacted by financial instability or changes in the law?
  • Could you improve your work-life balance?
  • Are all your professional 'eggs' in one basket?

No two personality types, educational backgrounds or employment situations are alike, and the range of developmental options is large.  Harvey offers bespoke career coaching to empower you to maximise your potential, increase your confidence and explore new professional vistas.

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