Code of Conduct for Mediation

The following is a very brief outline of our code of conduct for Mediations.

Aitzah Limited (operating as The Vision Maven) and all Mediators serving on its panel conduct all Mediations under a strict Code of Conduct.  A full and binding Mediation Agreement will be supplied to all Participants ahead of any Mediation.

  1. The Mediator and all Participants will sign a Mediation Agreement prior to the commencement of any Mediation.
  2. The Mediator will at all times endeavour to act, fairly and with complete impartiality towards the Participants in the Mediation.
  3. Any matter of which the Mediator is aware which could be construed as a conflict of interests in the Mediation, will be disclosed to the Participants. In these circumstances the Mediator will not act in the Mediation unless all the Participants specifically agree otherwise.
  4. Everything raised in the course of the Mediation will be treated by the Mediator in the strictest confidence. 
  5. Aitzah Limited will inform the Participants before the Mediation begins of the fees and expenses to be incurred by the Mediation.  In most circumstances, these will be payable in advance of the Mediation.
  6. Aitzah Limited has arranged professional indemnity insurance in an adequate amount to cover all Mediators.
  7. The Mediator may (and in some cases will) withdraw from the Mediation if:
  • he/she is requested to do so by any of the Participants.
  • he/she is in breach of this Code or is required by the Participants to breach this Code.
  • any of the Participants alleges that he/she is in breach of this Code.
  • any of the Participants is acting in breach of the Mediation Agreement.
  • he/she considers that any of the Participants are acting in an unconscionable or criminal manner.
  • he/she determines that continuing the Mediation is unlikely to produce a settlement. 

The Vision Maven is an operating name of Aitzah Limited, director Victoria Belovski.