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Contract Negotiation

Are you considering moving to a new job?  If so, it's vital to discuss what your new employer is offering with someone experienced who has your best interests in mind.  Is there anything that should be discussed in more detail or is currently not included in the contract?  Could a negotiator help you obtain more favourable terms?

About To Sign? 

About To Sign? 

The Vision Maven's Dr. Harvey Belovski's is a contract advisor and negotiator.  

Harvey's specialist area is executive roles in charities and he has been involved in several successful contract negotiations in this field.

Call 020 7629 9009 or contact us here to discuss contract negotiation in confidence.


The Vision Maven can advise and negotiate to help you obtain the most favourable terms from your new employer, but this cannot replace expert legal opinion.  The Vision Maven strongly recommends that you refer your employment contract to a lawyer before signing.