Career Development for Clergy

Special Services for Men and Women Clergy of All Faiths

Life in the clergy is a great privilege but it's not without its ups and downs.  Sadly, employment issues, insufficient training and poor career opportunities are increasingly common.

Life Getting Hot Under The Collar?

Life Getting Hot Under The Collar?

The Vision Maven's Dr. Harvey Belovski understands these challenges - he's been a congregational rabbi and trainer of ministers of religion for many years - and is here to help with the following services:

  • Mediating financial or other disputes with your church/synagogue/mosque leadership.
  • Seminars for clergy in effective use of technology.
  • Diversity training specifically geared to members of the clergy.

The Vision Maven offers a 15% discount for services to clergymen and clergywomen of all faiths.

To arrange a free and confidential exploratory conversation with Dr. Harvey Belovski, call 020 7629 9009 or contact us