What People Are Saying About The Vision Maven

Harvey Belovski was easy to talk to and I felt that he listened carefully to what I had to say. Further mediation culminated in a meeting at which he helped us reach a decision without expressing an opinion himself, encouraging and guiding us. His manner was at all times pleasant and moderate and I would not hesitate to use him again.
— SD, Employer-Employee Conflict Resolution
Dr. Belovski has a natural talent for quickly grasping complex and acrimonious situations where others have long given up. His sense of humour and sensitivity enable him to negotiate and facilitate intricate solutions while keeping all participants on board.
— LN, Negotiation
Harvey’s refreshingly honest and open communication style helped us cut through the complex structures of our organisation to bring the key players to work constructively together.
— WN, Organisational Consultancy
I have personal experience of Harvey Belovski’s mediation and negotiation skills which he used to excellent effect last year during a very difficult family problem. This could have become quite acrimonious but he helped resolved matters efficiently to the satisfaction of all parties.
— SY, Divorce Mediation
Harvey Belovski identified a need for some of his colleagues to consider embracing professional and career diversification. He planned, researched, and delivered a day of compelling interest and relevance, bringing together various experts as well as sharing ideas which he had developed from his experiences and studies. The day-long seminar delivered to our group was well researched and planned, highly relevant and focused and executed in an appealing and carefully structured manner. I am sure that many other organisations will benefit in terms of their strategic development and operational effectiveness through working with Harvey Belovski.
— DF, Career Development / Diversification Training
Dr Belovski is very approachable. He guided me through a complicated transitional period with clarity and foresight. He has a natural talent for asking exactly the right questions, which motivated me to initiate much needed career development. I regularly return to Harvey for top-up support. I am delighted to recommend others to profit from his insight.
— MZ, Career Development
Dr Harvey Belovski’s objective approach and sensitive handling was very reassuring. I felt I was heard throughout the meeting and could see that my neighbours felt the same. The situation is no longer volatile as it once was, more cordial. I call that a success.
— HP, Conflict Resolution between Neighbours
Harvey Belovski has an outstanding ability to listen and talk to people, especially in times of distress and crisis.
— EB, Coaching
Harvey’s knowledge and understanding of the divorce procedure system meant that he could advise and support us to make informed decisions and he was able to help us negotiate difficult compromises with dignity and respect. He was incredibly helpful. With a naturally sensitive manner, he guided us through what could have been a very painful and awkward conversation.
— MJ, Divorce Mediation